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Minerals and Health

Just as the foundations of our homes must be made from the strongest stone or cement in order for our houses to endure the challenges of time and weather, so minerals are essential for our continued strength and health. Comprising the very structure of our cells and organ systems as well as our bones, minerals are catalysts for the body’s 6,000 various enzyme reactions as well as vitamin utilization.

Our Mother Earth is made up of ninety-two minerals, just as our bodies are. Of these, twenty-three are most essential to proper function. In 1936, the U.S. Senate declared, “99 per cent of the American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.”

All it takes is twelve years of farming a piece of ground to deplete the minerals that are available in sizes small enough for plants to assimilate. In the past, a farmer would simply move to another piece of ground. Now we have run out of ground! Since 1936, our nation’s soils have suffered much more abuse as mega-farming with its accompanying burden of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers have further reduced its mineral content and robbed it of its life force. In addition, the problems associated with food irradiation, genetic engineering of our seeds, and processing by refining away valuable nutrients only exacerbate the problem, making it difficult for anyone to truly experience optimal health.

Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment, ultimately to a mineral deficiency.” Our life depends totally on enzymatic action for the literal galaxies of metabolic exchanges that occur daily without our conscious participation.

A mineral-rich tide flows continuously through all parts of the body in the form of water, the universal solvent that nourishes as well as carries away wastes. DNA housed in the cell’s nucleus receives instruction through infinitesimal angstrom sized (1/1000 of a micron) bio-available ionic minerals. These minuscule minerals are pulled through cell walls by the covalent hydrogen in the water. Most commercially prepared mineral supplement molecules are larger than this. Although they can be transported by the blood stream, they cannot be accessed by the cell and instead contribute to the toxic burden of excess to be stored in delicate body tissues or disposed of, thus inviting disease processes. In the absence of needed minerals, the body holds onto toxic minerals for future use even though it will never be able to do so. Today we hear a great deal about heavy metal poisoning. Live blood microbiologists tell us that everyone carries excess heavy metals. Did you know that the only difference between a toxic heavy mineral and a healthy mineral is the size of the molecule?

In nature, fulvic and humic acids in the soil interact with the roots of plants to break the earth’s minerals down into the angstrom size necessary to be transported in the plant’s capillary waterways. Plants utterly refuse to carry minerals larger than angstrom size because they cannot assimilate them! Plants are the essential intermediary between the soil and all animal life. Plants extract angstrom-sized minerals we must obtain from the soil.

If you wanted to signal your DNA to instruct the cells to dump some of their toxic heavy metal load, how would you do so? Amazingly, when you literally FLOOD the body with full spectrum angstrom-size minerals, the very abundance allows the body to relax its hold on the storehouses of unusable material and permits the toxic contents to be washed away…..More specifically, when minerals reach the cell’s wall, the nucleus and mitochondria (the cell’s energy and creative centers), electromagnetic communications activate the DNA which is unique to each structure. Intra as well as extracellular communications organize and instruct the organism as to the work needing to be done.

Understanding the role of minerals in our bodies makes it easy to understand how exhausted soil contributes to weak, diseased plants, which fail to provide the nutrients required by animals and man. This is one reason why one week on green juice fasting along with bowel cleansing herbs is a great way to start a serious detoxification program. Fresh, organic foods eaten, juiced or blended into smoothies enhanced with sea vegetables and other superfoods help supply the nutrients so essential to life, thus restoring physical foundations weakened by inferior foods.

Because the soils of the world are so extremely depleted, the time has come when natural mineral salts are no longer a luxury but form the basis of a sound nutritional program. Today a wonderful source of minerals is available to us from the Himalayan Mountains. Ancient seas dehydrated, then crystallized by the weight of soils heaped upon them over centuries create the full spectrum mineral angstrom-sized particles we now have difficulty obtaining from the soil through plants. In the body, these minerals quickly go to work instructing the DNA to direct processes essential to healthy life!

Table salt (sodium chloride stripped of the other minerals it should be packaged with) and sea salt (heavily processed with heat and bleaching agents) with their “too big” particles fail to cross the cell membrane and participate in these essential exchanges, clogging the system instead. Even Celtic salt, exposed to animal, air and soil pollution while sun drying reflects the contaminated state of oceans today, and fails to possess all the necessary minerals. Heating of any kind (even via the sun) causes ions to form more tight bonds that make the electrons unavailable as well as contribute to toxicity.

For centuries, Himalayan salt deposits have been protected from heat, light, pollution and environmental degradation by the landmass shielding these deposits. The sheer weight of the protective soil has compressed the mineral deposits in a way that results in the formation of the unique crystal state. Since our bodies are in a crystalline state, we function best with minerals supplied in the same form. Himalayan crystal salt holds title as the only full spectrum mineral salt that supplies all necessary minerals in the tiny, angstrom size that the human body can most easily absorb. Because of the crystalline state, the electrical component of these salts has been compressed, greatly increasing the amount of available life-giving electrical energy. We are all on a hunt for electricity! When this salt is ingested, the electrical components greatly enhance the electrical conductivity and cellular communication in the human body. This creates a balanced electrical state which promotes the entire human organism’s return to a state of overall balanced health.

Everyone knows the human body is largely constructed of two major elements – water and mineral rich salts. In order to maintain a state of homeostasis, these elements must be supplied daily. In the past, many of our mineral needs were met with live foods in their natural raw state. Now environmental degradation and soil depletion force us to require mineral supplementation. When minerals are obtained from natural foods in their basic state, they are received in an integrated liquid form–not dry, hard, concentrated, or separated from one another. It is commonly accepted that calcium needs magnesium in order to be assimilated. All minerals work in pairs opposite from each other, with magnesium at the hub of the “mineral wheel”. When they are all bio available, maximum absorbability and conductivity is achieved.

A water and salt solution made of Himalayan salt commonly known as Solay provides our bodies with the entire full spectrum of minerals that carry all the trace as well as major minerals within them in angstrom size in a liquid base. When this fluid is ingested daily in amounts as small as a teaspoon, profound changes occur. Hydration and mineralization are totally complementary. When either element is lacking the resulting imbalance triggers alarm reactions otherwise known as dis-ease conditions. Allergies, headaches, asthma, arthritis, body pain, low or high blood pressure as well as a host of other stress conditions are many times greatly alleviated by this simple, inexpensive gift from nature’s pharmacy – water and mineral salts. There is great value in keeping Himalayan Solay on hand for use in daily food preparation as well as starting the day with a glass of water charged with the electrical signaling the body so desperately needs. Minerals in their dry form are just not enough!

Dr. Masaro Emoto has taught us something valuable about the effect of speech on water. In experiments where Japanese school children spoke daily to vessels of water, life promoting words created lovely crystals when the water was frozen and examined under the microscope. The word LOVE spoken to water results in very nice crystals, but the combination of LOVE and GRATITUDE creates even more beautiful crystals! Something similar happens when you combine water and Himalayan salt. If you measure the frequency of water and the frequency of salt, you will discover that the frequency of each is amplified profoundly when the two merge their structures… hence the term the “elixir of life”, the primordial sea from which all life flows.